Feed to Poor (Ramadan Project)

Feed to Poor (Ramadan Project)



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This Ramadan World Appeal is doing a feed a family for the whole month of Ramadan. Food parcels will be delivered in remote regions of kashmir as well as Thar Parkar Region which is situated in the deserts Sindh. We are also providing food parcels in Malawi (Africa).

We will give these poor families basic food supplies such as :

- Flour ,rice , lentils , cooking oil , ghee, onions , dates, Tea ,salt, mix lentils, sugar , basin ,potatoes mix spices and juices.

These families have little to no food any time of the year let alone month the month of Ramdhan.

Please please give a food package and earn Allahs blessings , Grace and Favour.To feed a family of six - eight people for a whole month only:

- £35.00 in Pakistan (6-8 people) as well as in Malawi. Please donate your Zakat, Sadaqah today.